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5 Things We Learned Our 1st Year of Marriage

Maggie McCoyComment

I planned to write this on our actual anniversary but considering we will be on a plane flying home exhausted from a week on the west coast, I was feeling up for it this AM. Here’s some things we learned this first year of marriage...


1. Change your name process (if you choose to do so)

This step really wasn’t a dreadful as some people made it out to be. All you need to do is go to the Social Security Administration bring your license, social security card, and birth certificate. Ask the clerk to print a temporary copy so you can immediately go to the bank and change it. You'll get the hard copy 2 weeks later. Then, call all major credit cards and let them know you got married! Most importantly SAVE money by calling your insurance company. We didn’t do this until later on and ended up saving $50 a month on our car insurance for being married. Yay!

2. It’s okay to be lazy, but be able pay back the favor

We do this all the time to each other and honestly it makes us take time to do things for one another. Silly example, but several times I’m comfy in bed editing pictures and I really want that Ben n Jerry’s in the freezer. “Can you…” And there it comes to me! On the flip side Will is a bit sneakier while playing video games in the other room, “Can you come give me a kiss?...*kiss*… “And go turn out that light?” Haha. Being lazy allows us to do things for one another and I love that.

3. Watch the action movie and watch the rom-com

I used to hate (and still do usually) anything fantasy. As soon as a sword was drawn, I was ready to leave the room. However, I’ve learned to give a little and get a little in return. Sit down together and watch something. Will sat down with me one Sunday and binge watched This is Us (if you haven’t seen it stop reading and go catch up on Hulu!) and it made me feel so happy! 

4. SAVE money

I work every day to try and break my habit of spending money on unnecessary things. We are in the process of looking for a house and getting everything in line to do so. Whether you can save $20 a week or you need to pay off credit card debt, start this habit early. First thing we did was cut out cable. Football season was the only downside, but Will has NFL Redzone on the Xbox so it worked out fine for him. We also have “bunny ears” AKA cable antenna from Target for only $15! Y’all, I can watch The Bachelor, This is Us, and Grey’s FOR FREE. Give it a try. Anything you don’t need, get rid of and save that money.

5. Take trips

Whether it’s day trip, weekend, or week long trips go places together. Explore the world! We always plan a weekend in November for my birthday and now a week trip in March for our anniversary/ his birthday. It works out so well and it’s nice to treat yourself a few times a year. We hope every March we can go some place difference where we can read our vows again as if it were March 19, 2016 all over again.


That's all for now. Show your spouse or partner some love today!