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Fall Wedding at The Barn at Shady Lane | Hannah and Aaron | Birmingham Wedding Photographers | Margaret Taylor Photography

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This wedding is easily my favorite of 2017 because it's the day I watched my best friend say "I do!" It's such a wonderful experience to get to be a part of a wedding season from the showers to the big day as well as photograph it! Since I was in the wedding, Kelsey and Michele killed it behind the camera! 

We began on a breezy Sunday morning at 10am as we all got hair and makeup done! Kelsey and Michele arrived shortly after and began detail shots of Hannah's gorgeous princess ball gown! With Hannah ready, we took her outside to see Aaron for their first look. She also had the perfect mink wrap to add for a few pictures! 

The ceremony was beautiful and sweet with the perfect amount of sun getting ready to set. Then it was off to the reception where the band played and we all danced! There was also a fun photo booth as well which is always one of our favorites! I loved all the details Hannah incorporated especially her love for Diet Dr. Pepper that she served!

Finally it was time to say good bye as they headed off to Jamaica!! "Ya Mon!" Haha, too much?!

It was such a great wedding season and I'm so thankful I was a part of it all. Love you and Aaron and to many, many more anniversaries when we can celebrate again!!

Photographers: Kelsey Schmitt and Michele Lee