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How to Choose Your Bride Tribe!

Maggie McCoyComment
How to Choose Your Bride Tribe!

Congrats sister! You're engaged!! Now it's time to ask all your friends to be a part of it- Wrong! With experience from being a bride and working with brides, I've thrown together a few tips on choosing your bride tribe!

#1. Choose HELPFUL bridesmaids

What circle of friends do you call on a daily basis? Which girls have your back when you have a flat tire? (Well, probably non because let's be honest.. I'll be calling my hubby for that one!). When it comes to your wedding, don't think about hurting others' feelings but instead "Who will help me the MOST, from planning to the big day!".


#2. Choose SELFLESS bridesmaids

No bride wants a drama queen on her big day! She wants someone who will put her first! She needs a bridesmaid who will give up her hair and makeup spot, so they bride can get ready. She needs a bridesmaid who throws the best bridal shower with extra thought into every detail!

**True story: A groom forgot his shoes right before the day began, and a groomsmen gave his shoes to him to wear. They were the complete wrong size, but that's how it's supposed to be done!!


#3. Choose PROACTIVE bridesmaids

This is super important to allow the day to run smoothly! Make sure your girls pay attention to detail and follow directions from the coordinator and photographer. Every photographer appreciates when that one bridesmaid is attentive to the schedule and reminds the others when the next thing on the schedule is! Bridesmaids are also there to fix loose hairs, touch up lipstick, and be ready to help the bride us the bathroom! A good bridesmaid is always on call!


No matter how big or small, choose your girls wisely. This is YOUR day and you deserve the BEST friends by your side!!