Caitlyn + Kendall | Alley Station Montgomery, AL Wedding | Birmingham Wedding Photographers | Margaret Taylor Photography

What a great day it was for Caitlyn and Kendall! Caitlyn from Birmingham and Kendall from Greenville, they decided to meet in the middle in Montgomery to celebrate their big day! Here's all the details from this fun wedding weekend at Alley Station...!

Caitlyn began her day in a beautiful suite across the street from Alley Station! It was so convenient how close their hotel and venue were! Caitlyn in her dress, we met Kendall, letter in hand, ready for the first look. They both exchanged gifts and letters as tears rolled down Caitlyn's cheek. Kendall with a new watch and Caitlyn wearing a gorgeous gold bracelet, we were ready for portraits! The ceremony was outside on the rooftop of Alley Station with a beautiful greenery archway. As the sun went down, a cool breeze filled the air which was perfect! The Gibsons kissed and beamed as they walked down the aisle and onto their reception. Y'all, their guests came ready for that reception!! All ages were on the dance floor the entire night as Fly By Radio rocked the stage.. It seriously felt like a concert at times! As the evening drew to a close, all the guests lined the street as the bride and groom ran through a sparkler tunnel! Congratulations to THE GIBSONS!! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!