Practicing Gratitude

On this Wednesday morning, I woke up to puppy kisses (still at 5:30am, thanks daylight savings) and started my coffee. I did my usual scroll through social media… *Facebook, Instagram, check emails..* wanting to find a post about "Happy Wednesday!" or "Almost to the weekend…!"

Today I found "Unfriend me if you voted Trump", "RIP America", and my favorite... "I'm leaving the country". Before I make this any more "political talk" because that's not my intention...

I'm choosing to practice gratitude. I'm reaching deep to the idea we have a lot to be thankful for. Things much bigger than this country. Family. Home. Friends. Health. Faith. etc. Why can't we wake up today and say "I'm thankful to be living!", "I'm thankful the sun is shining", "I'm thankful for my husband." That's what matters. I challenge you today to practice gratitude in some way today whether you call your Grandma or tell the mailman "thank you". 

So as I start my day (earlier than my alarm) in a warm bed, laying next to my husband and pups, I'm thankful today.